Monday, May 5, 2008


As much as I love books on the materiality of architecture, the making of the materials, new and upcoming materials, a catalog of new uses of tried and true materials, thats not what caught my eye with this small wonder named Piel.Skin. It is that this little lovely is paperless with interactive links of google maps so you can find each and every project and experience it in person. ( Although I can't help but wonder what the owners of the residences featured feel about that. ) Or perhaps it is just to have a better idea of the projects siting from afar. Either way it seems to have captured a bit of the charm of its tangible brethren. I have just one request, make it a bit larger please.
Found via MoCo Loco.


Jeana Sohn said...

oh i love your blog! i think i'm going to stop by often. xo

Andrew Wagner said...

Hey there Kelly! Andrew Wagner here...I too really like your blog! Well done! Glad you got to check out our spot on Design Sponge...would love to see you when you're in New York...we are doing a great lecture series with the first beginning on May 15th (Thursday night). If you are around for that, please should be really good! Check out more here:

Jessica said...

adore this building.

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