Monday, May 12, 2008

A.J. Fosik

I know I've been MIA as of late but Mr. J and I are leaving for the ICFF this week and I've been trying to make sure I have everything buttoned up before I go.

Regardless, lots of lovely things to report from this weekend. I replaced my my missing battery charger for the cam. Thank-God! It was driving me batty to not be able to take a few shots here and there and I couldn't imagine being in New York without my camera.

We saw Mr. J on the big screen ( as a Warhol wannabe extra) at the film festival in Santa Cruz. I've reported on it before here. A lovely film, and the trailer is finally up.

Mr. J and I also won a drop down drag out fight with other San Franciscans Friday night on the www for a time slot on August 8th (Our anniversary) for a city hall ceremony. Whew! By the skin of our teeth I tell you.

And we actually made it out of the house and to one of our favorite galleries (it had been awhile) to see another talented artist but was pleasantly surprised by A.J. Fosik above. His use of color and seemingly found wood to build these fantastical creatures blew us away. I'm sure whomever ends up cohabiting with any of the delightful beasts will always find a smile on their face.

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