Thursday, April 17, 2008

Miniature Gallery

We've switched up our window at the office again and we now have a miniature gallery made from a steel L that we had powder coated and mounted to the inside of our window. We then taped off the rest of the window with vinyl (and our name of course) so this 'mini-gallery' is all you would see. We've been doing our own exhibits but this time we asked Lauren of Branch Floral Design (formerly at Rose and Radish) to do something for us. Quite lovely I think.

A small UPDATE:... funny in fact! I ended up meeting Jill of small stump through Lauren and they are doing a great mothers day arrangement check it out here.


small stump said...

love it! what an awesome little display space-

ashley rose helvey said...

this is so bute and interesting. i love miniature things :)

Michelle Linden said...

Very nice... The small plants keep the window from being too formal and sterile, making it modern and playful instead!

The effect is great!

erica said...

it looks really lovely. it would be such a treat to walk by this on the way to work...

MR said...

I walk by that great display all the time when going to lunch at el metate. One time there were some cool massing models in there. Nice blog by the way.

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