Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Materials and Applications

Materials and Applications is an open air gallery in Silver Lake that allows for large scale installations by one group usually pertaining to art, architecture, or landscape. A professor of mine once stated that he didn't like these types of galleries for they promoted architects as "installation designers". Although I respect him as an architect and designer I couldn't disagree more.

Here is a space architects can test out their ideas no matter how radical they might be.
Now you might be lucky enough to have a client who is willing to go out on a limb for something forward thinking and allow you to foster those ideas with their money and their land but well... that is a once in a lifetime opportunity if you are lucky. Not to mention here is a place to explore that angst you have built up right out of school when you are stuck behind the computer for some ungodly hours doing a spec house and learning for the first time of the true insanity of the ADA. That transition is not easy.

Regardless I feel these conceptual installations open up a dialogue which is essential to propel design forward. And those that exhibit aren't necessarily looking at landscape and architecture as nurture and shelter.

Above is 'Density Fields' their most recent exhibit Oyler-Wu Collaborative. I hope to make it down there before its gone. I sadly missed the Ball Nogues exhibit of Maximilian's schell.

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