Thursday, December 20, 2007

Maira Kalman / Studio 360

I was listening to studio 360 again while at work and it was an amazing show. It opened with Kurt and Maira walking around Manhattan talking to people and taking photos. She calls them inspiration walks. Whenever she gets a bit bored in the studio she takes her camera and goes for a walk and then comes back and draws what her pedestrian adventures led her to. Ummm how do I get this job?

Then he went to one of the first artist colonies ( The Macdowell Colony ) where you apply for residency and stay for a month to 8 weeks to work on your project with no interruptions except for a very nice man who brings you lunch in a picnic basket each day. Sounds like heaven to me.

And finally Kurt ended with Miranda July reading from her new book 'Nobody Belongs Here More Than You'

Overall and incredibly inspiring show that just made me want to work a bit harder to enjoy the little things and to really make an effort to live the life I want to live and not the one I'm supposed to live.

If you have a chance give it a listen.

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